Wild storms came to Middle Tennessee this week, right on schedule for a region on the edge of Tornado Alley. Many branches fell out of our seventy-year-old maple trees, and many others were left dangling, torn but not broken—a scenario that is always a trigger at our house for a conversation that goes like this: … Continue reading Secrets

River Light

I was twenty-two years old the first time I saw the Mississippi River, twenty-six the second time, twenty-nine the third, forty-eight the fourth. On this trip, I am fifty-five. And every time I see the Mississippi River, I see it for the first time. I acknowledge Heraclitus. I acknowledge the relentless influence of time—of the … Continue reading River Light

Last Breath

Weeks ago, when they first appeared in the neighborhood, I assumed they were starlings. A flock of starlings is the bane of the bird feeder — a vast, clamoring mob of unmusical birds soiling the windshields and lawn furniture, muscling one another aside so violently that no other birds dare draw near the suet. But … Continue reading Last Breath