In Darkness

Early autumn is the heyday of the orb-weaver spiders. A spider's egg sac bursts open in spring, and the infinitesimal hatchlings spend all summer growing and hiding from predators. By fall, they are large enough to emerge from their secret places and spin their marvelous webs. Every night the female makes an intricate trap for … Continue reading In Darkness


Back to school season is always a busy time in families, especially in a teacher's family, but these last two weeks have been unusually chaotic. All jumbled up together were writing deadlines, crunch time at work, the family patriarch's birthday, a series of houseguests, a long-distance wedding (for which there were no suitable shoes in … Continue reading Ragged


Out in the pollinator garden, the season of plenty has given way to the season of competition as ruby-throated hummingbirds bulk up for the coming migration, goldfinches stuff themselves with flower seeds against a lean winter, and insects squeeze in one more round of procreation before the daylight shortens and the cold creeps in. All day … Continue reading Territorial