Hush. Be quiet. The long summer day is coming to a close, spooling up its lovely light, but there is nothing to fear from the night. There is nothing to fear from the motion of this golden blaze giving way to purple night, or from life giving way to death, for that matter, or from … Continue reading Carapace


The fog comes on little cat feet, as everyone knows, but the fog does not sit on quiet haunches except in poems. In the world, the fog is busy. It masks stalking cat and scratching sparrow alike. It blunts sharp branches, unbends crooked twigs, makes of every tree a gentler shape in a felted shade … Continue reading Revelation


I recently met a Facebook friend in real life for the first time, and one of the subjects that came up in conversation was our respective blogs. "So you're a trained naturalist?" she asked. I had to confess that I'm actually more of a Googler, and not even a trained one. It took a lot of … Continue reading Gall


Every spring my bird-watching neighbor across the street starts waiting for the rose-breasted grosbeaks to return to her feeders for a day or two during their long, long migration, and every spring they turn up, right on time, to feast on the safflower seeds she puts out especially for them. I keep a safflower feeder up … Continue reading Migrants


Mother's Day is hard. It has been five years since I last spent this day with my own mother and just eleven since my grandmother was here to share it too. After two decades as the junior mother of the clan, I am now the only woman left in this house. I am inexpressibly grateful … Continue reading Grief

Two By Two

In Middle Tennessee we don't have much of a winter, even under perfectly normal circumstances. Rainy gray day follows rainy gray day, punctuated once in a while by the clarity of snow. This winter hardly counted as winter so mild were the days, so rare was the snow. Still, the trees were bare, and the … Continue reading Two By Two