Hush. Be quiet. The long summer day is coming to a close, spooling up its lovely light, but there is nothing to fear from the night. There is nothing to fear from the motion of this golden blaze giving way to purple night, or from life giving way to death, for that matter, or from … Continue reading Carapace

Squirrel-Proof Finch Feeder, Lifetime Warranty

The steel grommets around the miniature openings, fit only for tiny conical beaks, cannot be chewed open by even the most persistent rodent. Both the top and the bottom of the feeder detach for ease in filling and cleaning, but the tongue-in-groove fittings can’t be matched by thumbless hands. The seed is black niger—a feast for goldfinches, … Continue reading Squirrel-Proof Finch Feeder, Lifetime Warranty