Squirrel-Proof Finch Feeder, Lifetime Warranty

The steel grommets around the miniature openings, fit only for tiny conical beaks, cannot be chewed open by even the most persistent rodent. Both the top and the bottom of the feeder detach for ease in filling and cleaning, but the tongue-in-groove fittings can’t be matched by thumbless hands. The seed is black niger—a feast for goldfinches, … Continue reading Squirrel-Proof Finch Feeder, Lifetime Warranty


Something ate all five bluebird eggs, and something ate all three redbird nestlings, but the Carolina chickadees raised four healthy babies in the nest box under the eaves, and their little voices were like tiny bells that changed in timbre with each passing day, moving down the register till their demands for food sounded almost … Continue reading Bells


Again and again I have to teach myself the splendor of decay. The little pile of cerulean feathers drifting beneath the pine where the bluebird met the Cooper’s hawk for the last time. The muddle of spent spikes on the butterfly bush, winter-dried to the palest rustle. The blighted rose, its tangled canes gone black … Continue reading Farewell